Friday, March 4, 2016


Time moving, blending, existing, then not
Colorful patterns between the spaces
The lessons, the left yet to learn now
Within our center remain all the traces

Trust building, without reason destroyed
Over and over the cycles continue
Dancing with the music that binds
Of here and now, the favorite venue

Scattered pieces, strewn world wide
Cosmic forces in total control
Memories flooding, waiving emotion
The winds reckoning within this soul

What I once knew I know again
And with this knowledge I burn inside
Depths that I have always known
With nowhere in this universe to hide

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fly on the Wall

Dear fly on the wall, what have you heard?
Oh the stories you, my friend, could tell!
Most everything one would need to know -
So many myths you could so easily dispel.

All the secrets held so dear, you have heard -
All the sites unseen you have surely seen;
The whispers in the night so hushed,
With your front row seat of every scene.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Feeling You

I have not seen your face
Yet I have felt deeply your soul
I know that I have known you always
And I know love has taken its toll

The desire that burns deep within
The fear that holds everything back
The love you simply will not allow
The courage from within that you lack

I know the secrets of your heart
All that you hold in your silence
The fight that takes place only inside
The act of denying self; your defiance

Still at the depth of your soul is love
Waiting ever so patiently to be released
Begging for the mercy only you can give
While you instead hang on to the raging beast

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Angel on Earth

The silent stillness that holds my breath
Intoxicated by the beautiful dawning of day
Immersed in unconditional, complete love
Knowing deep within me the path; the way

A sweet presence that holds me close
The imprint of an enchanting energy
Seeing all through brand new eyes
While witnessing the incredible synergy

Eternally grateful for all that is and will be
Blessed to know a special angel on earth
For through his heart I am made clear
And creative genius is giving birth

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Forever My Lover

Sensuality simply does not exist
Another holding my back with his hand
Feeling another's lips on my skin
None of these could I ever stand

Without your touch I have been
Such a memory I could never forget
The feel of your soul's energy
The surge no one else ever met

The magnet that holds us entranced
Acting without thought of consequence
The impulse of two familiar hearts
Leaving us without intelligent sense

Burning desire with never ending fuel
Emotions words could never identify
The beauty of souls merging once again
Through the ages continuing to mystify

Forever once promised the first time
Forever and ever the promise is renewed
Through all that is or ever will be
A love that can never be subdued