Thursday, September 17, 2009

Powerful Words

So powerful are the words that you speak -
Why, indeed, do you speak to me in this way;
Hidden in the shadows, concealing yourself?
Light is truth, opened wide - words you say.

Is it then, a game you play? - you do see me -
That acknowledgement, I give, that you seek;
In tune, indeed, or did this take study?
Clever, you are, in knowing where I am weak.

Is your intent, then, to frighten? -
To leave me with no clues in reality;
Are you waiting for me to see it clearly? -
To my life, there is no thing as normality.

You know that I am observing - yet still -
You seek what is not mine to give;
Answers come through me, not from me -
It is for the growth of others I live.

Beth Layne 2009

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David Ghostwriter said...

There is an irony in writing poetry about communication. Poetry by its nature captures emotions at the expense of clarity. This poem does so perhaps more than many do - very emotional, yet so unclear as to what is being said that the writer is reacting to.

Neva Flores said...

I am very clear on what the author of this poem is reacting to. I found this poem after writing my own The Eyes Of A Heart.

She expresses the exact same depth of feeling from the presence of someone that I felt when I wrote this poem. She uses the word feel because that is how she reacts. An Empath feels emotions on a very powerful level.